Cleveland: Senior Transportation vs. Uber

By now you have heard the word "Uber" at the coffee shop, food truck or after a delicious dinner on E. 4th Street.  "Uber" is following the footsteps of Google and will likely end up in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary with this definition:  "An on-demand service for...(you fill in the blank)."

While you may be comfortable "Ubering" on the weekends or to the airport, much of our most accomplished generation (55+) remains skeptical of the ever-evolving technology and how to incorporate it in to their lives.  

Keep in mind, our parents/grandparents witnessed the invention of the microwave, color TV and seat belts.  

These days, feeling accomplished often correlates with how many "taps of an app" we make from the couch or our desks.  

A smartphone in one hand, a "to-do" list in the other; vuala!  We now have five strangers shipping our groceries, walking Fido, plowing our driveways, talking about current events...and oh yes, driving us around.  

American culture has crafted our urgency to keep busy, shove 36 hours in a 24-hour day and get ahead.  The generally adopted definition of "success" is determined by the aforementioned urgencies, made possible by advancements in cold, hard, mobile technology.  

But wait....we are talking about a generation that was "successful" without the use of modern technology; rather, with trusted, personal relationships.  The very generation that contributed to the economic and social foundation we are building upon in Cleveland.  Can you imagine that?!

To meet the expectations of our Baby Boomer generation, there must be a consistent level of trust and reliability; the same trust and reliability a son or daughter offers.  Yes, we can just use our Uber app from the couch to make sure grandma makes her 6:00am Ft. Myers flight; but that will most likely entail a full-time accountant/part-time Uber driver, making for awkward conversation and an uncomfortable ride - albeit it is a midsize luxury, all-wheel drive sedan.

Senior transportation provided by a personal, on-demand concierge accomplishes two objectives for the Uber-using, career-driven Clevelander:  it meets expectations of their Baby Boomer family members and shortens their "to-do" list...

...All while using an old-school technology concept; a phone call (where you actually dial numbers and talk to someone).  Of course, a concierge always accepts text, email and smoke signal requests.  

Uber is to you, as Concierge is to your parents/grandparents.  There is one major difference:  concierges are not strangers...they become part of the family.