Caring for Aging Parents: How Concierge Services are the Ideal Solution


It was reported by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2006 that almost 1/3rd of seniors 65 years and above in the United States reported falls. 25. At some point in time, you may have to provide some professional assistance to your elderly.

It is in instances like these where a senior concierge service company can step in to ensure that the people you love never feel your absence. Here’s how they can help:

1.Regular Check Ins & Visits

As we grow older, simple tasks that we performed in the blink of an eye before, becomes a laborious chore. Life, in general, becomes challenging and your loved one may need assistance. If they reside alone, it would be preferable to have someone drop in to check up on them, or perhaps call in daily to inquire if any form of assistance is required. Your senior care service provider can do that.

2.Home Maintenance

As per the CDCP, most elderly people injure themselves while doing chores. With a weak knee and various other ailments, most find house chores impossible to complete. Luckily, concierge senior care services offer all the benefits that are required to keep their home tidy and safe.. Your elderly parents won’t have to lift a finger. Here is what you should expect them to cover:

  • Laundry services/dry cleaners
  • Garbage disposal
  • Scheduled home repairs or maintenance
  • Lawn care

3.Grocery Shopping Is Now Available!

A balanced diet is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Need your groceries delivered? Have something specific in mind that needs to be picked up? A concierge service can stock up your fridge for you. Your elderly parents don’t have to be concerned about unavailability, and you will remain worry free regarding their safety and care.

Taking Senior Care & Home Maintenance In Cleveland and Akron to the Next Level!

Put side all worries for your elderly loved ones. At SENIOR PREMIER CONCIERGE, our trained staff will check in on them and will update you on a regular basis. In addition to providing assistance, we run errands like prescription pickups, mail pickups, etc. or simply provide company to enhance their day!

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