Here's just a small sampling of our grateful clients we've helped transition over the years.

If you were to grade Senior Premier Concierge, it would have the highest grade possible. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them.

I downsized from my house of forty-four years to a small condo, and they took all the worry and work out of it for me. Greg went through my house suggesting the furniture he thought would fit, and he and I picked my nicest, most loved pieces. He made a map and penciled in exactly where everything would go, and it all fit perfectly. When the movers came, he had everything put in its place; he then hung my pictures, and I came through the door and said, “Wow!!” It is so beautiful; I have been here two months now and I am so at home.

I had worked with Greg before when I redid my bathroom and my kitchen, and he is an outstanding young man. He has become a dear, dear friend. He is very special.

P.S. Scott and Mary Helen are also wonderful to work with.
— Pat G., Silver Lake to Hudson, Ohio
Senior Premier Concierge is exactly as it suggests, the best service to enhance the mature chapters of my life. Having a son out of state and a daughter out of the country, I need the support of this younger generation. In turn, my adult children have the comfort level of knowing this service is available to me as their lives are so very busy. No matter what I request, be it replacing lightbulbs; IT assistance on my devices; purchasing a car; cleaning gutters; helping me to stay focused; assisting me in home renovations and so much more, Scott is there for me anytime night or day...only a phone call away. His attitude, sense of humor, knowledge and patience brightens my day each week. My generation deserves the best and SPC gives me just that.
— Vicki H., Rocky River, Ohio
“Scott and Vickie were great!! They were extremely nice, very careful with Mom’s furniture and other items. They moved fast and wasted no time at all! Everything moved like clockwork. Scott and Vickie moved Mom to an assisted living apartment and it was beyond belief the care and thought that were put into the move to help Mom feel comfortable and secure in her new apartment. Scott and Vickie are meticulous and fast and were super polite and worked the entire time. I highly recommend SPC Concierge for all your needs and you will be satisfied beyond belief. Thanks again, Scott and Vickie and if anyone would like to reach out to me I will be pleased to speak with them. You guys are outstanding!
— Anita G., Santa Monica, California
Senior Premier Concierge provides an absolute first rate service for my elderly mother. Since I live overseas, I can not be as available to help her as I would like. SPC is available to meet her various needs, whether buying a car or setting up a new computer. Having a regular visit on a membership basis allows my mother to have consistent help - and there is always something requiring attention.

I am able to make my own requests to Scott/SPC when specific needs must be addressed and these are followed up on a timely basis. The communication to me via email is always thorough, professional and personalized.

What a delight and relief to have regular, quality assistance to make my mother comfortable and happy. Even though I live thousands of miles away, I feel secure in knowing it takes only a call or email to SPC to get the help my mother needs in my absence.
— Jennifer P., Oxford, United Kingdom
You are a blessing beyond belief. You have done a job that is something beyond what any of my siblings and I could have been able to do physically, emotionally and mentally. You have saved us so much and given us so much. Call me or text me if you have any questions concerns or comments. I really appreciate your thoroughness and the pictures have been wonderful. I have been able to send them to the boys and it has been very helpful.
— Denise, Columbus, Ohio
I recently had the opportunity to work with Scott Kravitz of SPC. My parent’s house was in need of power washing due to moss accumulating on the north side of their house. I met Scott through our neighborhood web connection. From the moment I met him I knew I was dealing with a special person. He was a pleasure to deal with and did an excellent power washing job on my parent’s home. I would highly recommend his services and guarantee that he is the nicest person you will ever meet. SPC offers many services and I would recommend the team to any family that needs a bit of extra help.
— Chris H., Lyndhurst, Ohio
Senior Premier Concierge (SPC) has been an incredible help to me. Scott always does an “over the top” job for everything from transportation to and from the airport, to the unpacking of moving to a new household, the organization of closets or cupboards in a home or office, the repair of furniture or other items, and help with computers, printers, and phones. Not only is he capable with a large variety of tasks and functions, he is courteous, reliable and professional.

Mary Helen is directing a much needed service for older adults who need assistance in maintaining an independent lifestyle. Husband Bruce helps out so it’s a family affair.”
— Dr. Nancy K., Silver Lake to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio