Moving my father to an assisted living facility was a difficult decision to begin with. When SPC was recommended, we were a bit doubtful that they would be any more than a basic moving service just geared toward seniors… we were wrong. Scott, Vickie, and Mary Helen were so professional while, at the same time, so sensitive and helpful with this rather painful move. They offered spot-on advice on what to bring and what might be better left behind. They packed and moved everything out quickly and carefully, and at the same time, offered us much needed reassurance. In his new residence, they set the room up beautifully, from making the bed to hanging pictures on the walls. When my father arrived, it was like he was home. They are a remarkable team and we highly recommend them.
— Anne C., Hudson, Ohio

Moving and relocation can be stressful.  Many of our clients are active adults and seniors who have not moved for quite some time!  This is where our expertise as full-service professionals comes in handy.  

As a team, we work with our clients and their families to help organize and plan their move so that on moving day, everything runs smoothly, efficiently, and cost effectively. 

We help with the following:

  • Develop an overall move plan
  • Organize, sort, and assist with downsizing
  • Customize floor plans
  • Arrange/coordinate moving companies
  • Packing, unpacking, and setting items in place (including making your bed, picture hanging, and reconnection of electronics such as computers and TVs)
  • Full design services including painting, reupholstering, closet organization, and window design
  • Maximize new residence — whether residential, assisted living, or nursing home — with current and new furnishings
  • Purchasing new items as needed
  • Light handyman work
  • Coordinate estate sales and web auctions
  • Document destruction


SPC offers a one hour in-home consultation to all of our clients throughout Ohio.  This is our opportunity to meet with you and customize your downsizing move plan since every time you relocate is different and every move requires attention to specific details.  We will assist to get the right people and resources lined up and involved to make sure your downsize transition is organized and runs smoothly.  Working together with adult children, siblings, neighbors and friends, we will help to make your move preparation smooth and move day a success.

What we do is much more than just packing and moving boxes, it is about assisting you with your life transition, and getting you to your new home – whether residential, assisted living or nursing – healthy, happy, efficiently, and cost effectively.


We guide you through the process of downsizing, sorting and separating the items that will move with you.  Our professionals work closely with you and your family to identify those items that you wish to keep, sell, donate or discard.  We offer professional sorting tips and techniques to help you as you prepare for your move and relocation to a new community.

SPC offers a wide range of resources to help you find a “home” for those things you will not be taking with you. We will introduce you to local estate sales companies, auction houses, online dealers and individuals who will buy your items outright.  Some of our clients choose to keep the money from their sales and others choose to donate it to a favorite charity.

We also work closely with several charitable organizations.  We can set up donation pick-ups and drop-offs for items that you wish to donate and provide you with an inventory list and receipt for your files.

We will take your confidential documents and have them destroyed with certification.


Our goal is to design your space to be balanced between function, safety and aesthetics.  Your floor plan is one of the most important tools when preparing for your move and relocation.  This will become your road map to your move as you decide what to take.  We will provide you with a to-scale plan showing you how your things will fit in the new space.  We will obtain a floor plan of your new residence and work with you to lay out the furniture that is important to you and will fit safely and comfortably.  You will receive a copy of the plan and have an opportunity to play with the layout as part of the design process.


We have primary relationships with professional movers in the area who understand our moving process – making the move more efficient, smooth and cost-effective.  We will assist in reviewing any estimates and helping you to find ways to save on the move.  Once the moving company has been chosen, we’ll coordinate all of the particulars such as dates, times, the size of the crew, securing loading docks and elevators in your current home and your new residence, and making sure all day-of-move details are in place.


We will assist the movers in packing ALL of your belongings and will completely unpack them in your new home.  We specialize in re-creating your favorite spaces, and with the help of our floor plan and a digital camera, we’ll put your books back on the shelves, food back in the pantry, collectibles into the curios and photos on your end tables.  We will organize your items in your new closets and storage areas and arrange furniture to your liking.


To complete your move, we can help with window treatment selection, custom paint selection, closet organization and other design ideas/services as needed.


We will get creative with the furniture you currently have so that you’re not spending unnecessary money on new pieces; repurposing furniture to be used differently than before.  There may not be room for two living room side tables, but you can put the extra to good use as a nightstand.


We will do the shopping with you or for you.  We will maximize efficiency and cost by shipping items to your new residence or picking them up on moving day.  Light handyman work is available to help with the assembly of new pieces when needed.


Light handyman services are available upon request.  If you are relocating to a retirement community or nursing home, we will coordinate with staff and management as necessary.

You are a blessing beyond belief. You have done a job that is something beyond what any of my siblings and I could have been able to do physically, emotionally and mentally. You have saved us so much and given us so much. Call me or text me if you have any questions concerns or comments. I really appreciate your thoroughness and the pictures have been wonderful. I have been able to send them to the boys and it has been very helpful.
— Denise, Columbus, OH
If you were to grade Senior Premier Concierge, it would have the highest grade possible. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them.

I downsized from my house of forty-four years to a small condo, and they took all the worry and work out of it for me. Greg went through my house suggesting the furniture he thought would fit, and he and I picked my nicest, most loved pieces. He made a map and penciled in exactly where everything would go, and it all fit perfectly. When the movers came, he had everything put in its place; he then hung my pictures, and I came through the door and said, “Wow!!” It is so beautiful; I have been here two months now and I am so at home.

I had worked with Greg before when I redid my bathroom and my kitchen, and he is an outstanding young man. He has become a dear, dear friend. He is very special.

P.S. Scott and Mary Helen are also wonderful to work with.
— Pat G., Hudson, Ohio

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